Apply for Financial Aid

The Peace, Love and Trevor Foundation is a charitable 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that actively organizes fundraising events to support Krabbe families that need financial assistance to better care for their affected children. Our corporate by-laws are very limited in how our funds can be utilized. If you are a Krabbe family, that needs financial assistance to obtain medical care, travel for clinical examinations, or your child requires diagnostic testing or medical equipment PLT may be able to assist.

All applicants will be required to disclose certain financial documents, will undergo a review by our board of directors and be selected on an individual case-by-case basis. PLT has a fiscal responsibility to our donors and our board will only approve applicants whose children will directly benefit from a financial grant. Each applicant can only be approved for financial assistance once per calendar year.

If you feel you meet all of the above criteria and would like to apply for assistance please email Nicole Aldrian at or call 619-985-5826.

Unfortunately, at this time our by-laws are restricted to helping Krabbe families only and we are unable to help children and families impacted by other lysosomal storage diseases.