Our Inspiration

trevor-300x160Trevor Frederic Aldrian is the perfect son! Perfectly made of God’s design he truly represents amazing grace. Trevor is living with Krabbe disease, a devastating neurological disease for which there is limited treatement. The disease has stripped Trevor of his ability to laugh and smile. He will likely never be able to sit up, walk or talk. Most children with infantile Krabbe disease don’t live beyond 2 years of age.

But for all his physical limitations, he was blessed with so many more rare and beautiful gifts! Over the last 3 1/2 years since he was diagnosed, Nicole and I have realized what a blessing Trevor is for everyone who has come to know him. He is able to love, inspire and provide perspective like few others. Trevor is now 4 years old and continues to touch so many each and every day of his life. He is indeed a living Angel!

Because God has blessed us with such a special son, we decided to continue to share Trevor’s story by creating a foundation in his name called Peace, Love & Trevor. We did not want to wait until the disease ran its course to start a foundation, as we believe Trevor was born with an amazing gift – the ability to love and inspire virtually every person he meets in his beautiful life.

The primary goal of Trevor’s foundation is to aid other families that are impacted by Krabbe disease.