Peace, Love and Trevor helps Krabbe family in Georgia

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The Peace, Love and Trevor Foundation recently partnered with the Hunter’s Hope Foundation and the Liam Hammonds Memorial Foundation to help pay for a wheelchair accessible van for a Krabbe family from Martinez, Georgia.


The family’s son John is one of the oldest children in the world living with Krabbe disease. John continues to grow and it recently had become very difficult to lift him in and out of the family car for routine trips to the doctor and his favorite outing – the park.

Peace, Love and Trevor was thrilled to be able to help ease the financial burden of purchasing a wheelchair accessible van for John’s family.

As you can see from the photo above, John is thrilled with his new ride!

John’s mother expressed her appreciation to Peace, Love and Trevor by saying “words could never express how much your thoughtful gift for John means to us.”

Peace, Love and Trevor would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our foundation for making this very special grant for John and his family possible. Thanks…

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