PLT Families

With your generous donations, The Peace, Love and Trevor Foundation has had the privilege of assisting the following Krabbe families.

The D’Amico Family

The Peace, Love and Trevor Foundation helped pay for a wheelchair accessible van for a Krabbe family from Martinez, Georgia.

The family’s son John is one of the oldest children in the world living with early onset Krabbe disease. John continues to grow and it recently had become very difficult to lift him in and out of the family car for routine trips to the doctor and his favorite outing – the park.

As you can see from the photo above, John is thrilled with his new ride!

John’s mother Michele expressed her appreciation to Peace, Love and Trevor by saying “words could never express how much your thoughtful gift for John means to us.”

The Jimenez Family
Gabriel Jimenez is a 2 year old boy battling Krabbe disease. The Jimenez Family lives in Monterrey, Mexico. Peace, Love and Trevor became friends with Gabriel’s mother Mayte through the use of Facebook and other online correspondence.

Peace, Love and Trevor had the privilege of helping Gabriel and his family obtain a new sink and refrigerator so the family could better provide for their beautiful son’s medical and nutritional needs.

The Daniels’ Family
Emma Rilee Daniels was born July 20, 2009, to a loving family in Trenton, New Jersey. A week before Christmas of that same year, she was diagnosed with Krabbe disease.

If Emma had been screened for the disease at birth, she could have received treatment to prevent the progression of the disease. Even sadder, if Emma had been born just a few miles north over the border in New York State, she would have been tested and treated for Krabbe at birth. Emma’s family successfully fought to pass Emma’s Law in 2011 which will require the state of New Jersey to test all babies for Krabbe and five other diseases in the coming years. In 2011, Emma passed away from Krabbe and she will be greatly missed and not be forgotten.

The Almy Family
Karis Elizabeth Almy was born June 29, 2009, and diagnosed on December 4, 2009, with early infantile Krabbe (like Trevor). Katie, Trevor, Karis and Kales live in Jackson, MS. Karis and Trevor became fast friends at the 2010 Hunter’s Hope Family and Medical Symposium. You can follow Karis’s journey on her blog at

Alissa & Elijah Barron
Alissa and Elijah are sister and brother both having Krabbe. Alissa was born April 5, 1998, and not detected at birth with Krabbe. She was diagnosed with later onset Krabbe and it was too late for the cord blood transplant treatment. Elijah was born November 17, 1999, and with earlier detection was transplanted…and successfully. Elijah and Tyler Aldrian (Trevor’s twin brother) were swimming and playing together at the 2010 Hunter’s Hope Family and Medical Symposium.

Peace, Love & Trevor Foundation has recently been notified of several newly diagnosed Krabbe families and are exploring ways to assist those families with your generous donations. Stay tuned for their stories. Thank you for helping us to help them!

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