PLT Foundation

The Peace, Love and Trevor Foundation (PLT) was founded by Steve and Nicole Aldrian and inspired by their amazing little boy Trevor who suffers from Krabbe Disease. Through their experience of loving and caring for a highly special needs son, who suffers from an extremely rare disease, Steve and Nicole have come to realize how fortunate they were to have an amazingly supportive family, excellent private health insurance and the financial resources to provide Trevor with the best possible comfort and care.

Having met many other families, during their journey, Steve and Nicole realized that often times these families don’t have all the resources necessary to provide for the needs of their terminally ill children. The Peace, Love and Trevor Foundation was established to help these families. Many affected families are single parent households with limited income and may lack quality health insurance coverage. In some cases the families are unaware of available public programs they are eligible for or they live in states with limited programs.

Looking back, Steve and Nicole realized how important it is to get a correct diagnosis early and to find a compassionate doctor with extensive Krabbe experience. PLT was formed to help families quickly connect with the right doctors early and provide the financial assistance if necessary to enable initial clinical evaluations. Getting these children the right diagnosis, to the right doctor and prescribing the right medicines can save an enormous amount of pain and suffering for Krabbe children.

Our mission is to help any family, in any way, whose child suffers from Krabbe disease and was not able to benefit from stem cell transplantation due to a lack of early diagnosis. Please go to our PLT Programs page to see all the ways in which we are willing to help.

Peace, Love and Trevor is a state and federal 501(c)3 non-profit corporation (Tax ID #48-2863122).