Team Judson’s Legacy moves on to American Bible Challenge Finals

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On October 4th, The American Bible Challenge semi-finals aired on the Game Show Network (GSN). To our delight, our dear friends from Judson’s Legacy, captured another $20,000 dollars bringing their total winnings to $40,000. All of the funds will be donated to Hunter’s Hope to help fund a new myelin repair lab at the Hunter James Kelly Research Institute in Buffalo, NY.

A myelin repair lab would conduct research towards myelin repair which serves as the insulation of nerve fiber tissue. Krabbe disease and many other diseases cause myelin damage which affects muscular control and cognitive thinking.

On October 18th, the season 1 finale of The American Bible Challenge will air and we will be cheering on the members of Judson’s Legacy – Drake, Christina and Dean, as they compete for another $100,000.

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